The Sun Giveth – The Sun Taketh Away


Humans are affected by space weather, and not just astronauts.

Every day, 24/7, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (part of the National Weather Service), monitors and sends out space weather alerts, watches, warnings. and forecasts about solar and geophysical events which impact satellites, power grids, communications, navigation, and many other technological systems.  What I hope to see in the very near future are space weather alerts, watches, warnings, and forecasts sent out to inform the human population of potential health hazards.  Unfortunately, most physicians and mental health specialists are not schooled in this area.

Dr. Michael Persinger, a behavioral neuroscientist, states “Very small changes in the activity of the earth’s magnetic field, due to alterations in solar activity, can affect all human beings. These direct effects are primarily upon the subtle but complex electromagnetic fields that interact with everyone’s consciousness, due to the marked similarity of the characteristics of our brains and our genetic history.  Solar activity can change consciousness without our awareness.”

People with health issues, such as those with depression, neurological disorders, cardiovascular and stroke patients, those wearing pacemakers, etc., should especially pay attention to the space weather forecast.  Here’s why:

A large number of studies have identified significant physical, biological and health effects associated with changes in Solar and Geomagnetic Activity (S-GMA). Variations in solar activity, geomagnetic activity and ionospheric ion/electron concentrations are all mutually highly correlated and strongly linked by geophysical processes.


Monthly death number is linked to cosmic ray activity, and inverse to solar activity. Central place of stroke-related deaths in cardiovascular mortality is emerging.


During the past decades, many studies were published considering cosmo-terrestrial influences on different sites of human homeostasis.  Conclusion:  Cosmic Ray Activity is predominant in plaque disruption, cellular damage and electrical instability; the GMA (Geomagnetic Activity) in the activation of coagulation and inflammation.

There is an increasing amount of evidence linking biological effects to solar and geomagnetic disturbances. A series of studies is published referring to the changes in human physiological responses at different levels of geomagnetic activity.


RESULTS:  A significant relation was found between the level of GMA – geomagnetic activity (I-IV) and blood coagulation parameters, (platelet count and aggregation, fibrinogen, INR [ratio of patient’s prothrombin time to normal], inflammation markers–serum C-reactive protein (CRP), elements of anti-phospholipid syndrome, number of deaths from ischemic CVA, SCD, outpatients death from AMI.  The monthly occurrence of AMI (total and all subtypes) was connected with CRA  (cosmic cosmic ray activity). Monthly deaths  were correlated with CRA, and both events were closely connected with atherothrombosis.

CONCLUSION: Three basic components of atherothrombosis-blood coagulation, inflammation, atheroma disruption are connected with environmental physical activity–CRA (cosmic ray activity) is predominant in plaque disruption, cellular damage, electrical instability, GMA -( geomagnetic activity) in the activation of coagulation and inflammation.


Suicide data was a national tally of daily male and female death figures where suicide had been documented as the cause of death. A total of 51 845 males and 16 327 females were included. The average number of suicides was greatest in spring for males and females, and lowest in autumn for males and summer for females. Suicide amongst females increased significantly in autumn during concurrent periods of geomagnetic storm activity (P = .01). This pattern was not observed in males (P = .16).  Ambient electromagnetic field activity impact behavior in a clinically meaningful manner. The studies furthermore raises issues regarding other sources of stray electromagnetic fields and their effect on mental health.


Presumably unrelated behaviors (e.g.  psychiatric admissions, seizures, heart failures) have been correlated with increased global geomagnetic activity. We have suggested that all of these behaviors share a common source of variance.

They are evoked by transient, dopamine-mediated paroxysmal electrical patterns that are generated within the amygdala and the hippocampus of the temporal lobes. Both the probability and the propagation of these discharges to distal brain regions are facilitated when nocturnal melatonin levels are suppressed by increased geomagnetic activity.


Cosmic rays activity revealed significant negative correlation with solar/geomagnetic activity indices and related physical phenomena levels. This activity strongly correlated with flux of protons with the energies >90 MeV proton flux and did not exhibit significant correlation with 60 MeV proton fluxes. Cosmic rays intensity strongly correlated with monthly numbers of deaths was strong for non-cardiovascular deaths, suicides, and traffic accidents.


The annual percentage of patients with convulsive seizures in the Neurological Department of the Bangur Institute of Neurology, Calcutta, is found to be significantly correlated with the annual values of sunspot numbers and geomagnetic activity indices for the period 1955–1971. For a particular (GMA) geomagnetic activity index the correlation coefficient is significant at a 99% confidence level.


Admissions of 762 patients for epileptic seizures and 1553 for dizziness were studied for the connection with the level of monthly and yearly solar activity in the 11-year solar cycle and with four levels of daily geomagnetic activity levels (400 epileptic patients and 802 patients suffering with dizziness). Conclusion: Admission of patients with epileptic seizures and dizziness  are related to geomagnetic and solar activity.


The monthly number of preterm births showed a significant and direct correlation with solar activity indices (r = .32, p = .0016), and a significant and inverse correlation with cosmic ray activity indices  (r = -0.3, p = .008).


Arterial bp was found to increase with the increase of the GMA level, and systolic and diastolic bp were found to increase significantly from the day before till the second day after the geomagnetic storm. These effects were present irrespective of sex and medication.


A greater reduction in 6-OHMS excretion was observed when increased geomagnetic activity was combined with elevated 60 Hz MF or reduced ambient light exposures.

These are just a handful of studies but if you are interested in more studies, you can find many at  In the search bar type geomagnetic activey and/or cosmic rays, solar activity and health, or you can be more specific. This information is not being presented to cause panic or alarm.  During times of strong solar activity, e.g., coronal mass ejections that are geoeffective  (earth directed), people with heath issues have the opportunity to take precautionary measures.

Maybe you don’t have any known health issues but wake up feeling ‘off’, had a bad nights sleep, feel moody, irritable, achy joints, headache.  Check the space weather forecast.   Today’s forecast, according the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, shows that the geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet.  However, there is a possibility for some minor storming due to the impact of yesterdays CME.   Here’s another informative space weather site.

ST. PATRICK’s DAY CME IMPACT: As predicted, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field at 0600 UT on March 17th. The impact sparked a moderately strong (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm that sent Northern Lights spilling across the Canadian border into the United States as far south as Colorado:  Space

I put together a video  “Solar/Geomagnetic Activity, Schumann Resonances & Biophysiology”  with excerpts from a study done by Dr. Neil Cherry.  The extensive study was published in the journal Earth and Environmental Science – Health Hazards – Volume 26, Number 3, 279-331.

NASA Image


30 thoughts on “The Sun Giveth – The Sun Taketh Away

  1. No, no, no, no! What have I been trying to tell you, Victoria! It is the “Son” that giveth and taketh away! Can’t you ever learn? Thanks for putting up with my teasing. I have not read your post yet but it looks very interesting as they always are. You have really piqued my interest in science, especially neuroscience. Have a good day.

  2. Have now read it and watched the video. You are doing such valuable work here and I appreciate it deeply. This is very good material that you share and, more importantly, your “very good heart” comes across in the enterprise. So much of mankind likes to think that he is separate and distinct from this beautiful world but that is just his own obstinate blindness. We are part and parcel of the world, the world breathes through us, the world is us, and….well, the old ditty sez, “We are the world…”

    • Lew, first, thank you for such thoughtful and generous words. I am humbled by them. Second, I couldn’t agree more with your assertion that we are part and parcel of this world. Because of my past religious indoctrination, I had not fully grasped that reality. When I finally did some years ago—I felt fully human. From then on, I saw beauty in so many ways and was in awe. Still am.

    • Hey Lew, stop trying to butter her up with a feminine God! lol
      I’m glad you mentioned the videos, which means they’re working for you, All Im seeing is an empty space on my screen, so now I know it’s something on my end.

  3. Hello Victoria! This is another wonderful informative piece. Due to my health issues, I have recently been looking into this kind of thing and learning about the electronic field that is within and all around us. I’ve read The Field (L. McTaggart) and I really enjoy the works of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Scientifically, I believe all of this could be (or is) seated in the field of quantum mechanic/physics – discovery of subatomic particles and the zero point field. I have not considered space weather and the implications to one’s health but it sure makes sense! Is there an umbrella for that!? 🙂

    • LOL – i wish there was an umbrella. Unlike electronics, satellites, and power grids, there isn’t an off switch for humans. I started an experiment back in 2009. I had met a lot of people on various forums who had contacted me through the years. Many of them were dealing with health issues. So I asked them to start keeping a diary on any kind of health flare-ups, such as joint pain, seizure activity, feeling abnormally emotional, aggressive, depressed, etc., and occasionally report back to me with the dates. I didn’t tell them why. I compared the dates to the NOAA space weather data. They keep a 75 day record of space weather on file. Over the course of 2 years, I was stunned at the correlations. After that, I was hooked on keeping track and realized that these studies should be taken seriously.

      Speaking of EMFs, it wasn’t until I temporarily moved into an apartment about 3 years ago, that I realized I needed to start measuring the electromagnetic fields in my home and work area. I was having difficulty sleeping at night, would feel burning sensations on my skin; experienced bouts of depression; and I started losing my hair, which was long and thick at the time. I would end up losing about half my hair until I discovered why.

      There were several factors involved. I purchased some measuring equipment; one of them being a full spectrum milligauss meter, which measures AC electric, magnetic fields and radio/microwave power density. One of my office walls in my apartment had about 8 SMART meters banked up against the outside wall. I didn’t even know what a Smart meter was until I started doing research on EMFs and health.

      I found out that some cities, especially in California, have banned them because of health issues. There are petitions to ban SMART meters in various states now. To add fuel to the fire, I was sitting under fluorescent lights, and had a CFL bulb in a floor lamp next to my desk. I had started using a laptop, and spent hours typing on it, with my arms in contact with the flat area in front of the keyboard. I was self-employed and sometimes I would spend 10 to 14 hours a day in my office.

      I also took a reading in my bedroom. I had a radio alarm clock on the nightstand and a lamp that was plugged in. I also had a DECT phone on the same nightstand. On the adjacent wall was a living room. There were 3 saltwater aquariums that belonged to my neighbor next door. The head of my bed was up against that wall, The large aquariums ran power 24/7, plugged into multi-outlet strips. The EMFs coming off the radio alarm clock were very high, over 50 milligauss (Mg). The fields coming through my bedroom wall all night long (and day) were over 75 Mg. My laptop was putting out over 100 Mg. The reading coming from the florescent and CFL bulbs were over 100 Mg. My apartment was overlooking a river, only about 50 feet from the water’s edge, sitting up on an embankment. After I discovered the video with Sam Milham (video I posted above) I decided to look outside to see if there were any return currents that traveled through the ground, and sure enough there were, on the outside wall of my home office. When you see the end of the video you’ll understand why I brought up the river.

      I moved out of the apartment, and now live in a home with an analog power meter. I have made necessary changes. The radio alarm clock is on the other side of my room. I got rid of the DECT phones. I don’t use fluorescent or CFL bulbs in my room or anywhere in my house. I bought an external keyboard for my laptop, so my skin never comes in contact with my laptop. I’ve been feeling so much better, sleep good at night, my hair grew back, and the bouts of depression subsided, although it took several months to see major improvement. Coincidence? Placebo effect? I doubt it.

      The US Environmental Protection Agency and the government of Sweden have adopted a safety limit of under 3 Mg. Short term exposure is not the culprit. It’s long term exposure. Dr. Robert Becker, said in his book “Cross Currents and the Body Electric — “I have no doubt in my mind, at the present time that the greatest polluting element in the Earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming.”

      Here’s a video (under 1 minute) I took in my apartment showing a comparison in EMF readings from incandescent lights and fluorescent lights.

      This post turned out to be longer than I expected, but I say all that to say this…since you have health issues, it might not hurt to purchase an EMF meter and do some measurements, especially in the areas you spend most of your time (if you haven’t already). Purchasing a meter is cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. I purchased the TriField 100 XE Meter on I think I paid $130 at the time. Well worth the investment, IMO.

      Btw, speaking of Bruce Lipton, I really enjoyed his lecture “The New Biology, Where Mind and Matter Meet.” I have not read “The Field”, but will definitely check into it. Also speaking of EMFs being in and around us, when you can grab a moment, I produced a simple video about the human antenna. You can find it in one of my more recent posts “Frequencies and the Human Antenna”. Thought you might find that interesting.

      Moore, thanks so much for your response. As you can clearly tell, I love talking about this stuff, 😀

      • Thank you for bringing attention to this issue, and giving a suggestion for how to respond. I have read and heard numerous times about EMR pollution and ley lines, but didn’t know what to do about it, or if I needed to do anything about it. I am looking into the EMF meter you use, to help me assess my situation.

        I also appreciate the link to the NOAA page. Again, I have heard about the storms, but didn’t know how to detect them, nor how to determine if my symptoms correlate. I look forward to comparing my symptom log with the NOAA reports. Another reason why I want to learn that awful language R.

        The videos look very interesting, but my internet connection is usually not conducive to watching them. I will try to remember to watch them when I am at a wifi site.

        Your blog looks like a great library. I’m looking forward to hanging out here.

        • Hi Grace, your comment is very much appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

          I wish you all the best in assessing your environment. I think it’s also important to realize that when the GMA is storming, we can have power surges that increase the EMF’s in our environment. Best thing to do during this time, if you suspect you are sensitive, is to unplug anything that is not necessary to be plugged in an electrical outlet, especially in the room you are sleeping in. And especially by your night stand, if it’s close to your head, and has electric clocks, etc.. Just a heads up, but NOAA predicts some minor GM storming over the next few days.

  4. All I have to say is WOW! Don’t apologize, I really appreciate the work and writing that you are doing! I will definitively look into the EMF meter and tell my kids about it, too. I know there has to be something to this and I’m embarrassed to say that I often sit in my chair, legs folded, laptop on my legs. I know that’s a no-no! But, now I really know why and will stop doing it. I am on disability now due to MS (not wheelchair bound) so I’m almost always home – trying to eek out supplement income, so ALWAYS on this computer.
    For some reason the videos are not coming through for me – it’s just a blank space – I will investigate on my end.
    I think you will enjoy The Field – I believe it may closely align with your work/studies. I’m just starting to get to your posts (I’m very slow! that’s the MS 🙂 )
    Oh, and my name is Colleen; when I had to chose a user name, it would have to be Colleen (six digits) so I tried to be clever and chose something I could remember (word association, don’t you know).
    Moore is a play on “more” and 314 stands for 3.14, which you know is pi, so…more pie!!!
    I’ll let you know how I make out with the videos.

    • Hey Colleen, apologies for the delay in response, and thank you for your encouraging words. I’ve been out of pocked for a couple of days. I was so sorry to read that you have MS. IMO, I think it will benefit you to find out if you have any EMF hotspots in your home. You said you were always on your computer. I would have to agree with you that having your laptop in your lap is a big no no. Did you know that there is activism now to eliminate the name “Laptop”, because it encourages people to use their computer in their lap, and studies have shown that this is not a good idea.

      I hope you managed to get the video’s working because I have another one for you.

      Symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) resemble those of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), which may result in, an initially, flawed diagnosis. Some individuals with MS may also have EHS and, in this case, improving electromagnetic hygiene in the home and work place may reduce severity of the neurological symptoms, as shown in this video.

  5. No apologies necessary! You mean you have a life outside of blogging! *lol* I think the beauty of WP is the ability to pop in and out when time permits.
    Thanks for the updated info – I’ve taken a cursory look so far at EHS. There are many diseases with symptoms similar to MS, and often people are initially misdiagnosed. One of the tell-tale signs is MRI imaging that shows mylan damage (scars/sclerosis) to the nerves. I’m not aware of any other diseases/conditions with that type of clinical outcome.
    Regardless, I think you are correct; if the messages are already having trouble getting through due to MS, EMFs can’t help the situation!
    Still working on the video thing. I do not like to have to mess with my computer, VCR or any other device. I just want to turn it on and have it work! Besides, that’s what the kids are for 🙂

    • Hey Coleen. I must clarify that I didn’t mean to suggest (via the abstract) that you had been misdiagnosed. I should have left that part out to avoid any confusion. The abstract came from the ‘about’ section on Youtube. The video is about MS patients who experienced fewer symptoms after lowering their exposure to an onslaught of EMFs in their home. However, in the experiments some people didn’t notice a reduction of their symptoms.

      I met a gentleman on a forum several years back who was interested in some research I was posting that was unrelated to this subject. As we corresponded more often, I learned that he was on disability, suffering from debilitating pain from arthritis. He was only 29 at the time I met him. He’s a writer and was using a laptop. He spent many hours on the computer, his hands and arms were in direct contact with his laptop. I suggested that it was possible that the high EMFs coming from his computer (long term exposure –> dose-response), may be exacerbating this arthritis.

      At first he seemed skeptical. About a year ago he became involved in a community project and spent more and more time away from the computer. He wrote me about 3 or 4 months ago and told me that he had definitely noticed improvement when he didn’t spend as much time on the computer. Fewer flare-ups. It’s not that he shouldn’t be around a computer, it’s that he needed to take precautionary measures. I suggested an external keyboard, and to be at least 18 inches away from the laptop.

      I hope you can figure out what’s preventing you from watching videos. It could be as simple as updating some of your programs, such as Adobe Flash player. Here’s the latest update, just in case you haven’t.

      From Youtube: “Most videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player. If you’re having trouble playing videos on YouTube, we suggest you install the latest version of the Flash player.”

      Hope you have a great weekend. =)

  6. I would carry two things from here:
    1. If a health problem is caused by sun flare or by emf, stop medicine immediately as it may precipitate the problem.
    2. For persistent health problem do look into above aspects and find time for the body and do take it to near nature i.e. gardens etc for longer durations.
    Please tell me if I missed to shop something.
    As regards sun flare, I caught it on camera. See:
    You can use the picture if you like.
    I have a suggestion that instead of comment, you should write an independent article about emf. E.g. safe readings, material which can act as buffer etc.
    Looking forward to something equally exciting. All the best Victoria ji.

  7. I mean how many Neurons in one Personalitie here, am upset that I know so little and got away all this time. I LOVE THIS SPACE here, thank you so much for the brilliance. I cannot comment properly, ‘cuz I have to sit down now and read. Was caught up with all the bizarre things I was writing about. This is sanity, to know. Finally, Earth gets a decent book. I’m waiting, and thank you for making my day 🙂

    • RN, I am humbled by your comments. Btw, you’ve made my day many times by sharing your essence through your gifted writing. I may be seeking your advice as my book progresses. I can get writers block very easily. Information overload.

  8. YOU would ever get writers block ? … I am hang jawed at the brilliantI info here. Thank you somuch. Now I know its all the sun’s fault. NOW Iknow why I had spoonerism and why I write with both hands, and why I forget phone numbers … sigh, happily. Thank you for being born and please do call me Rayla. My 12 yr old son calls me Ray, (he’s going on 40 🙂

    • I think Rayla is a beautiful name. I had never heard it before I met you. Please call me Victoria. It’s too bad we live so far apart, but I’m grateful that our paths have crossed via the Internet. Thank you for your encouraging words.

      Learning how the environment can affect us, and even our behavior at times, gave me a lot of aha moments. It made me aware how much we are connected to the environment.

      Btw, your little guy is very fortunate to have a mother as aware and caring as you. If he’s 12 going on 40, he should have already figured that out. 😀

  9. I have been investigating the connection between solar activity and severe weather for over five years. The resistance of some to even contemplate the possibility that Sol is directly effecting weather here is mind blowing! And as I found Svensmark’s papers, showing that cosmic rays drive cloud formation, it was an assumption that things like strokes, heart attacks, and cancer would be linked to them as well.
    It is only ignorance, not the negative connotation of the word but the actual lack of knowledge on the subject, that holds us back. I can understand the hesitation to bring these things into the MSM. To know that astrophysical events thousands of lightyears away caused granny to have a stroke, and not the fried chicken, could make one feel a bit helpless.
    Keep your head up!!

    • Thanks so much for the like, the follow, and for your reply. I am looking forward to reading through your blog. I took a quick peek. I agree with you about the connection between solar activity and severe weather. I noticed on your site that you had a good bit of info about seismic activity which I’m looking forward to reading. I have noticed a correlation between seismic activity, geomagnetic storms, and solar activity.

      I’ve been working on a post regarding the sun – earth connection. You might find these links interesting, as they are related to solar activity and seismic activity.

      While doing research on the sun – earth connection a few years back, I discovered several studies regarding a correlation between sleep paralysis, seizure activity, OBE’s, hallucinations, psi phenomena, and synchronicities, etc., and seismic activity. I thought it was interesting that sleep paralysis, which is often accompanied by hallucinations, was predominant along the Pacific Ring of Fire. This would help to explain some of the mythologies and folklore. I started noticing a correlation between CME’s, global geomagnetic storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity. I did a little digging and found the data above.

      I think you will find the posting “Defaulting to Earth’s Frequencies” rather interesting. The paper by neuroscientist, Todd Murphy, is lengthy so I’ve taken excerpts from it, but the full paper is linked at the bottom, if you’re interested. Neuroscientist, Michael Persingers has also dedicated his life’s work to this research and has multiple peer-reviewed publications. Why this gets little attention is beyond me. If geoeffective CME’s can affect sensitive technology, it certainly seems plausible that it can affect the electrical activity in the brain, the heart, neurotransmitters, hormones and health.

      Thanks again for stopping by. It’s a pleasure to meet you. =)

      P.S. I can tell when the weather is about to change, such as a low pressure system.

  10. I have, all my life, suffered extremely debilitating headaches = Not good at all…..
    It wasn’t until recently that I have made the connection with solar activity and the times spent in a darkened room befriending a bucket 😦 The past couple of weeks has been horrendous and I believe this bout is not over yet.
    I am now going to become an avid watcher of the solar weather patterns, although I really don’t know what preventative measures are possible – yet!
    Thanks for your blog – it has so helped 🙂

    • Hi Magz,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I was sadden to read what you have been going through. I hope that in posting this data, people will become aware that they are not alone. People have to pretty much become their own advocates. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten the last several years, via email and in within my own community, you are definitely not alone.

      As far as taking precautionary measures — it would be great if people, who are especially at risk, had safe rooms like a Faraday room/cage when we are warned of Earth directed CME’s that can cause power surges and affect our environment, and our body and brain. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, these Faraday rooms do not block slow varying magnetic fields such as the Earth’s magnetic field. They primarily shield people from electromagnetic radiation.

      Thanks again for your response, and I’m so happy that my blog has been of some help. 🙂

      All my best to you,


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