Frequencies & the Human Antenna

There exists no definite border between the electromagnetic fields that are maintained by the body’s metabolism and those that exist in the environment. 

| Dr. Neil Cherry | Low frequency electric and magnetic fields induce weak electric currents in humans and animals. The dotted lines in the image below show the directions of the induced currents, parallel to the electric field and perpendicular to the magnetic field.  Biology has preceded electronic physics because brains and cells use oscillating ion currents for the control of release of neurotransmitters and in the cell to cell communication systems,(EEG). They use frequency encoders and decoders and phase-locked loop circuits to tune into external signals of a slightly different frequency.

Biological Systems detect and respond to external ULF/ELF signals using their built-in receiving and decoding systems (cell-to-cell communication). Early claims that living cells could not detect fields less than the membrane potential, are demonstrably wrong. Not only does the brain’s EEG signals operate using ELF oscillating signals whose field strength is a million times lower, but fish, birds, primates along with humans detect and respond to ELF oscillating signals over a million times smaller than the EEG signal.

How fields interact with human bodies:
The graphic shows how the electric field is concentrated into human bodies because of the conductive material, mainly water, that allows the field to carry a current to earth, parallel to the electric field lines.

On the other hand, magnetic fields induce circular currents perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. The fields are oscillating at 50/60 Hz so that the induced currents within our bodies are also oscillating at these frequencies.

“I have no doubt in my mind, at the present time that the greatest polluting element in the Earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.  I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming.”  Robert O. Becker M.D. – “Cross Currents and The Body Electric.”

There was an episode of Star Trek in which the crew of the Enterprise was deprived of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep because of some freaky space glitch. As a consequence of being dream deprived, they began to hallucinate when they were awake. Scientists like John Lilly and Jean Houston have proven this does indeed occur.

Since melatonin and serotonin are the primary circadian endocrine hormones, all vital organs, including the brain, hypothalamus, central nervous system, lymph system, immune system, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, uterus, testes and fetus, have melatonin and serotonin receptors. Hence, substances that alter the melatonin/serotonin balance can affect organs throughout the brain and body. Melatonin production is very low at birth, peaks in early childhood and declines from puberty onwards. Electrification of homes produce more light-at-night and higher ELF oscillating electromagnetic fields, both of which are
proven to reduce melatonin. Normal household light-at-night delays the onset of sleep. People still sleep in the dark but in electromagnetic fields that also reduce melatonin during sleep.

Because the melatonin/serotonin balance is the primary circadian regulator, the daily awake/sleep, metabolic, respiratory, cardiac and activity cycle is modulated though melatonin and serotonin receptors in all our vital organs, especially the brain, hypothalamus, central nervous system, lungs, heart, reproductive organs and fetus. The mother’s melatonin passes through the placenta to the fetus in her womb regulating the daily cycle of the fetus and protecting the fetus from oxidative free radical damage. Reducing mother’s nocturnal melatonin will increase the risk of fetal genetic and immune system damage. The biophysical mechanism for detecting and responding to external ELF signals, resulting in reduced melatonin, occurs through resonant absorption of the ELF signals in the brain.  To reiterate, calcium ions and neurotransmitters oscillate at the EEG frequencies. Same frequencies as the brain, which can cause a frequency following response.

ELF signals induce alterations in the calcium ion signals that in turn send signals to the pineal that alters the melatonin/serotonin balance. This is transferred to the body organs through the CNS (central nervous system) and hormone/enzyme/ion cellular signaling system. In addition, the ELF signal systems in cells, also involve calcium ions, can be directly interfered with by external ELF signals of extremely low intensity through non-equilibrium resonant absorption processes at the cell membrane.
This is a resonant phenomenon that only operates in the normal mammal temperature range. It is dependent on the earth’s geomagnetic field strength and orientation and therefore varies from place to place and time to time.

Biophysical Summary:
There are well established and observationally confirmed mechanisms for external ELF signals to be resonantly absorbed in human tissue, especially the brain and heart, and cause reduced melatonin.  Melatonin is the most potent naturally produced antioxidant that helps to protect cells from genetic damage that leads to cancer, neurological, cardiac and reproductive damage, illness and death.

Melatonin levels also affect the health of the immune system that also has a vital role in trying to maintain health. Since a damaged cell should be eliminated by programmed cell death, apoptosis, or by natural killer cells in the immune system, altered calcium ions negatively affect both of these processes.

There is considerable evidence relating EMF exposure to reduces immune system competence. Exposure to power frequency fields produced changes in the immune system that were both real and inconsistent. This is because they are complex and non-linear producing a deterministic chaos effect.

Prolonged sleep deprivation (+48 hours) results in severe mental disturbance, attention deficit, withdrawing, visual complaints, hallucinations and time distortion. After 5 days you may even end up in a mental institution. Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America interviewed recovered schizophrenics and he said that absolutely every single case admits to a period of sleeplessness prior to a psychic break.


Data from the 19th century on hallucinations and magnetic disturbances were found to exhibit a direct and statistically significant correlation. The aa magnetic index over the period 1868-89 and concurrent visual hallucinatory activity were found to co-vary. Magnetic influences on the pineal hormone, melatonin, are suggested as a source of variation.

Excerpts via

Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

Robert O. Becker, M.D.

Neil Cherry, M.D.


Video by NeuroNotes a.k.a.

US Copyright Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107


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